International Travel Documents: 4 Tips to Trip-Prep

Getting your life together before you go abroad can feel like a daunting task. There’s a lot at stake– if you make one mistake or forget one tiny detail, you could be turned away at customs. Planning a trip is something to take seriously, but don’t be too overwhelmed. It’s totally doable and with this quick, easy tips, you’ll be on your way to organization in no time.

1. Start Early! Seriously. The earlier, the better because you will have to account for nitpicky things like getting documents notarized, which just takes time.
2. Make Lists I am such a list-oriented person. A solid To-Do list keeps everything organized. Plus it feels really good to cross stuff off once you’ve finished a task!
3. Budget Yourself This is tough to do because going abroad costs a lot of money and there are typically hidden expenses. When you are planning your overall budget, keep in mind little costs like passport photos that are small at the time but that can add up to a lot of jing.
4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions If you don’t know or understand something, just ask. Better safe than visa-less or held up in customs because something didn’t go through with your passport. I didn’t even know what notarized meant and had to ask (for those of you who don’t know, it’s basically a place where you can get documents and photocopies of documents authenticated by a government official).

For passport specific tips click here.

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