Italian Men and American Women

Every straight girl dreams about a sexy Italian man sweeping them off their feet and into the sunset at least one point in their teens. I promise you that. But after living in Italy and having my fair share of Giovannis and Lorenzos throw themselves at me at all hours of the day (yes, they cat call at 10am AND 10pm) I’m starting to realize the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Some Italian men, acting on the “easy American girl” stigma, can be aggressive in their pursuits, and it gets old, but it’s sink or swim, so here’s how to deal:

1. Ignore the sweet talk “Ciao, Bella” (“Hello, Beautiful”) is NOT a compliment if it comes from a man less than 70 years old. Most Italian guys will catcall you, whistle, try to talk to you etc. At first I thought it was a compliment, after a while I was offended and annoyed, and now I’m simply immune.

2. Go incognito: keep your eyes to yourself Italian men will try to make eye contact with you on the street and if you do make eye contact for more than two seconds they see that as an invitation and will descend upon you like a pack of wolves. Not kidding. If you want the freedom to look around bring a pair of sunglasses with dark shades so they can’t see your eyes. I wear mine all the time. Otherwise look straight ahead and keep walking no matter what they say.
3. Don’t believe the hype They will also try to get you to stop or get your attention by saying cheesy things like “Miss, you dropped something!” or “Can you fix it? My heart-you are breaking it!” Trust me, you didn’t drop anything and his heart will be fine, until the next cute American girl walks by…

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