Joys of Take-Out and Technology

I checked my email for the first time today since Friday. I’ve been on serious drugs after getting my wisdom teeth out (it really hurts, no joke) and I dreaded wading through the flood of emails I knew awaited me as my little outlook icon signed in. Sure enough there were tons of emails from editors, friends, family etc. Wonderful.

In Italy I had a great excuse not to be in touch 24/7. People understood if I didn’t get back to them within a few hours but now, its like I can’t escape the closing vortex of cyber-control my email once again has over me. Already I am scheduling interviews for my fall internship at Making Music. I’m editing resumes, scheduling business lunch dates, digging my way out of a week’s worth of blogs that my editor very kindly let me slow up on after my surgery. It’s all coming back. The late nights and early mornings. Chugging as much coffee as I possibly can while I rush around from class to work to internships to the design labs to any quiet corner I can find to write. Whew. I get dizzy just writing about it.

As I sit at my kitchen table, I know I have a lot to catch up on. This is the big breath before the storm that this semester is sure to become. I have a 104 page manuscript (part one of three) that I have to edit by Sept. 1st. I have a resume to copy edit by tomorrow. Two blog posts due by Monday and a piece on Ponds Travel Face Wipes to start researching for.


I love this life. This busy, bustling life. I totally get a high from working hard and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. But sometimes, and particularly at moments like this, I miss the simplicity of Italy. Don’t get me wrong, I wholly embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead… it’s just that there really is something so attractive about the Tuscan life.

So I suppose it’s appropriate to wrap up this summer-long blogging chapter in my life by acknowledging this big change.

I guess here marks the official beginning where I can no longer claim that I am under the influence of jetlag or wisdom teeth drugs… here marks the beginning of my semester-long relationship with Starbucks and take-out soy sauce…

Suppose I better just hold my breath and jump in. Gotta love New York.

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