Addicted to Facebook

facebook472Hi, my name is Patty and I am a facebook-aholic. I don’t go a day without checking my facebook, and sometimes, my hands start getting shaky right before I press the login button. Who has messaged me today? No new notifications? Ugh kill me now. A friend request, who can it be!

Ok, I’m not really this bad but I’ve noticed how much technology has been controlling my life lately. Especially going from living in Italy where people just accepted the fact that due to dial up (and that I had much better things to do) I wasn’t always accessible. Now that I’m back in the States, emails, facebook notifications, and text messages are raining down like it’s their job. I had no idea how withdrawn from technology I was, until I came back and was suddenly overwhelmed with digital messages.

It took me about two weeks to get back into the swing of things toward the end of August, and what do you know, I’m fully back in my “New Yorker/ always on my iTouch, email me and I’ll respond in 10 seconds” swing of things. I started feeling weighed down by it again, so I did a little experiment Monday. I turned my phone off and left it in my desk drawer for a full 12 hours. I went out and about from 7am to 7pm for classes, my internship, everything, and believe it or not, I survived without it. In fact, the fact that I reconquered the technology was so liberating. So screw you Mr. Verizon and screw you Mr. Outlook and screw you Mr. Mark Zuckerburg, because I have a life outside of sitting here refreshing the screen time after time.

It was so great just to reground myself and completely destressful. We are two (no wait, three..yikes!) weeks into classes and already people are putting albums up on facebook from the first weekends. I’ve been tagged in a hundred pictures, invited to take a bunch of quizzes (“Who is your celebrity crush” and “How do you feel about the silver fox”) and I easily spend way too much time writing on people’s walls, commenting on pictures, and trying my best to  stay in day-to-day touch with people. Plus, not to mention my blog. Facebook is an incredible promoting tool, and half of you reading this post probably clicked on it because I added it to my links and it came up in your mini-feed. See what I mean? Imagine life five years ago when most of us were juniors in high school and facebook was restricted to college students only. Now, you meet someone, anybody, and if they DONT have a facebook profile, it’s weird.

Not to mention the great art of facebook stalking. So many people put up information about themselves and they have no idea who is looking at it. Have you ever just been on facebook clicking on stuff and before you know it, you end up on somebody random’s page and you’re like how the heck did I get here (!!) and you exit out as fast as you can, sort of embarrassed, sort of curious.. ok I’ll look around just a bit longer…

I bet 99.9999% of college kids have a facebook addiction and I bet 98% of them wont admit it. Ask anyone how often they log into facebook (and they’ll most likely untruthfully tell you) oh you know, every once in a while… LIES.

Just think about it. Facebook isn’t right or wrong, persay, and there are lots of good things about it, but consider this: who have you creeped on in the past two days, or WORSE, who is creeping on your profile right now, stalking your pictures, reading wall posts, and finding out only god knows what else. YOU DON’T KNOW.

Admitting it is the first step…do you have an addiction? I thought so.