I want to Travel Again

P6110415I’ve got the itch to go again. And this time, it’s pretty bad. Once you live abroad, you get “infected” with this travel bug where you can’t stay in one place for very long, and half the time your back in your home country, you ache to be exploring the world.

I haven’t been in the states very long and already I’m looking ahead to London. My new passport is in the mail and my visa application is almost set. Now I’m just trying to relax and enjoy junior year as best as I can, but I’ve noticed lately that I’ve got such a restless feeling going on. It’s like the second routine sets in, I panic and need to get out or something.

I know this is probably normal, and from talking to my editors at Lost Girls, I know I’m definitely not alone in feeling this way. Most people will travel a few times in their life, but for the most part, I think people tend to settle down. They get married, have kids, buy a house in the burbs and traveling gets harder and more expensive. But based on the way my life is headed, I don’t think I’ll be doing much of that traditional stuff… I haven’t even been in the states for two full months yet and I’m rearing to go.

I try to keep the urge in check, but once in a while, I’ll burn an hour or two on Google maps planning my next adventure. I guess with the start of junior year, college is half over, and reality has slapped me square in the face. We are growing up, and in a few years  (that will zip by in the blink of an eye) I’ll have a salaried job with responsibilities and a permanent address, probably in New York City. Weird… I haven’t had a permanent address in years.

I don’t know if its the excess work, or craziness of college life, but I’ve been floating through the days these past few weeks–halfway between making myself stay grounded in New York and biting back the urge to rack up more mileage. This year gives “stuck in between” a whole new meaning and I’m not sure what to make of it.

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