Pond’s Facial Wipes: Easy Travel Clean Up

Pond's TowelettesIt’s basically unavoidable: That icky, slightly grimy feeling you get after sitting inside of a sealed and pressurized airplane cabin (or a bus, or train) for hours on end. No matter how well you try to moisturize before leaving, or how well you try to stay hydrated during the trip, you usually end up feeling like you need another shower once you’ve arrived. At least, that’s how I felt during many of my trips through Italy and Spain (two countries where air-con is not always guaranteed with the price of a ticket). After returning to the States, and signing on with The Lost Girls, I was asked to test out a product that promised to remove travel grime and help you feel refreshed while you’re in transit…

Read my whole review of Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes and find out how good they really are here.

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