Venice Glass Blowing Exhibition

glass masterThe story: A friend and I took a day trip to Venice with with a college student travel agency. We were dying to see the islands, do some shopping, and most of all, see a glass blowing exhibition. Venetian glass is world-renowned for its beautiful colors and shapes, and is primarily made on the island of Murano in Venice.

As part of this trip, the travel agency booked a private glass blowing exhibition for us to see a master blow a vase and understand the process. To become a glass master, you have to have a long apprenticeship (something like 13 years) and many more years of experience before that. Glass masters are widely respected and appreciated for their ornate craftsmanship. I got a part of the exhibition on video, so watch as this glass master molds and forms the molten hot glass into a beautiful vase.

Our tour guide is explaining the process but the sound isn’t great. You get the gist anyways…

Finished Products:


mouth blown venetian glass vases

Sidenote About Venice: For those of you who aren’t familiar with Venice, it’s essentially a city made up of a ton of little islands. Streets are actually waterways or canals between the islands, and while you can walk across bridges to each island, most people own a small motor boat (their substitute for a car). Most public transportation are ferries and little boat-taxi’s and occasionally, if you have 100 euro to drop, you can take a romantic gondola ride.

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