Planning a Trip to Scotland

hadriansEvery time I start getting my life in order to go abroad, regardless of what country it is, I’m amazed at how much I don’t think about. You’d think I’d have the whole trip-planning thing down to a science by now, but when I checked my email today only to find my inbox swollen with emails on visas, biometrics, passports, pre-semester seminars and lots of other stuff from SU Abroad, I nearly panicked. This semester is flying by at super-sonic speed and deadlines don’t just creep up like they used too… they’re starting to smack me square in the face. When I open my planner all I see are highlighted dates everywhere–visa due here, passport photos here, biometrics here!

I always manage to forget just how much preparation it takes, and thank my lucky stars for SU Abroad and their nice counselors who basically hold your hand the whole way through the process. Today I saw a message about the pre-semester seminar to Scotland, and decided to go. The Scotish highlands are by far my favorite place on this earth, so why the heck shouldn’t I go…

It looks like we’ll be staying in Edinburgh as well as traveling through a few other cities, exploring English/ Scottish relations, and of course visiting Hadrian’s wall (a favorite of my dad’s) that was, forgive me for my brutally brief account,  built beginning in 122C.E. by Emperor Hadrian to keep the Scots out of England… I’ve been there a bunch of times, and have actually had the very rare pleasure of seeing the wall blanketed in snow one year.

I love Scotland and can’t wait to go back (!!) as long as some old guy doesn’t accidentally flash me in his kilt, I’ll be good to go, so bring on the paperwork.

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