Guinness No-Food Diet

I couldn’t resist. I submitted an application to the Ireland preseminar program as well as Scotland just in case… I miss Ireland and this way I’ll for sure get over there without having to use up a weekend I could spend traveling uncharted territory. I’ll probably go to Ireland to get more bang for my buck, but I plan plan to do a backpacking trip in the highlands since I have friends to stay with in Edinburgh. So either way I’ll get to both countries.

Plus, I couldn’t pass up a tour of the Guinness distillery in Dublin. (Not that it was the only deciding factor or anything). I’ve been to Dublin several times and don’t think I’ve actually ever been to the distillery. Last week I met a Scottish student studying here and we got into a conversation about about Guinness.. according to him, you can actually live off Guinness. I was skeptical… the only way one could live off Guinness, I insisted, was if they sell it. No way, no how, could a person last a week or two by living off Guinness.

So I did a little researching on my own, curious to see if it was the Scottish stubbornness or the biological facts that substantiated his argument. What I found surprised me… if you’re okay with a huge beer belly, it is possible to live off a Guinness diet with the addition of one glass of orange juice per day for necessary nutrients. You’d probably last a lot longer than you think.

Guinness is one of the most caloric beers and my Irish friends used to say it’s like a meal in a glass…who needs food when you have Guinness? However, eventually, you’re body would lose out on nutrients Guinness doesn’t provide i.e. iron etc. just like it does if you were to only eating pizza or chicken or soup  or cereal every day, for example. You’d develop anemia and probably go into shock. I don’t think anyone has ever tried to live off Guinness and OJ for long enough to know how long it’d take to die, but biologists determined you would actually last pretty long.

Sure you’d be intoxicated all the time and your liver would be in overdrive 24/7 but I guess the Scot was right to a point, it is possible…

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