Find Travel Info for Your Destination

BN14994_21-FBTired of trying to plan a trip and Googling a million different things just to find a well informed website with the information you need? The internet is a big place and finding relevant travel stories from legitimate sources can be time consuming and frustrating., a recently launched travel website, is built by travelers, for travelers, and is stocked full of high quality content—magazine and newspaper articles, blog posts, videos, and sketches.

Chris and Rob, Moebii’s creators, started to build the website in January after coming back from trips to Morocco and South America, frustrated with the lack of organized travel content on the web.

Unlike a major search engine that will return anything and everything relating to a keyword search, Moebii’s content is managed by actually people and each story has tagged keywords to narrow your search, so the content is more specialized for travelers. For example, if you’re starting to plan a trip to the Mediterranean and you Google “Italy”, you’ll get over 374,000,000 hits, most of which aren’t what you’re looking for. If you Moebii “Italy” you’ll relevant get stories back to help plan your trip—36 Hours in Milan, Rome at Night, Breathtaking Frescos for Those Willing to Search etc.

Moebii professes that the right tip or suggestion can often mean the difference between a good, or unforgettable, travel experience, and Where in the World knows that this is so true! Check it out.

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