Top 5 Reasons to LOVE Snow

I come from Duluth, Minnesota where it’s the arctic north-woods at least six months out of the year. My senior year in high school, we had a whole week of school canceled because it was 40 degrees below zero windchill and your face would freeze off if you stepped outside. Literally. So anytime anyone complains to me about the weather in New York, I just grin… New Yorkers don’t have a clue… In Minnesota it snows so much that you have to shovel and plow your driveway while it’s snowing just to keep up with the street plows and not get trapped in your house or driveway. If you do get trapped, and you own a pair of skis, and you need to make a quick trip to the grocery store but can’t get your car out, then you can ski right out your front door.

So much for a white Christmas. This winter in Syracuse has been…well, a little dry. No, scratch that. A lotta dry. It was 50 degrees outside today. What the heck is this weather. If it’s not going to be light-jacket weather, but it’s too warm for down jackets, winter should just man-up, bite the bullet, and get here already. Instead, we’ve been blessed, or cursed rather, with drizzling, wet winds and rain like the Monday’s lovely storm. Those of us living in London next semester will get plenty of that, so sorry weatherman, but we aren’t interested!

I love snow. I miss snow. I want snow. The only brown Christmas I can remember was the year we lived in England. And it was weird. Many people aren’t from the northeast or midwest, and I guess the slushy, icky, salty, grey grime that snow morphs into during the spring months doesn’t help it’s reputation. But, since the holidays are right around the corner (and I won’t be here next semester to deal with the slush) here are the top 5 reasons why snow IS great, and why we should stop global warming so those of us in the north can have a white Christmas.

1. Snow Sports Whether it’s snowboarding, hiking, alpine or cross country skiing, skating, snowmobiling or sledding, snow sports are always a good time. It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby–I was 15 the first time I ever tried snowboarding,  even though most of my friends were seasoned pros at that point.

2. Winter walks Layer up and tromp out in the woods for a walk. Get some fresh air, let your cheeks get pink with cold, and wear warm boots. Come in for a cup of hot chocolate at the end. There’s nothing like a jolt of arctic air to make you feel alive.

3. Snowmen and Snow angels I don’t care if you’re 4 or 40, it’s always appropriate to build snowmen. On those days when the snow is pack-ably perfect, build a big one, a small one, build a family of snowmen– whatever pushes your buttons. Throw yourself backward into the snowbank and add a few snow angels to your collection.

4. Christmas lights One of my favorite things about Duluth, MN at Christmas time is driving around the harbor area and looking at Christmas lights. Snow always makes lights sparkle a little brighter.

5. Catching snow flakes on your tongue I know your weather man probably advises you not to eat the snow (I guess it has acid rain and all of that) but as long as it’s not yellow, and its falling from the sky, one or two flakes are probably harmless. Looking up at a dark sky with snow falling toward you is one of the coolest winter feelings. Unless you live in Syracuse where the precipitation is coming from Onondaga Lake, in which case you’ll probably grow a third arm and develop tongue cancer over night. So don’t each the 13210 snow.

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