Visit Toulouse for the Perfect Crepe

Every tenant in Toulouse has a mini-garden basket brimming with bright pink, red, purple and blue flowers giving the city an earthy sleepiness that Paris lacks. Nicknamed “La Ville Rose” for its bright red brick buildings, Toulouse is France’s fourth largest city about 400 miles south of Paris. Toulouse is by far one of my favorite french cities–it’s very walkable, the wine is cheap, the river is a soft green and the sun shines more often than not. Plus, with few historical landmarks and “must-sees” it’s a lot harder to be a check-list traveler here. Visiting Toulouse requires relaxation– wander through the shops, grab a cafe and sit outside, cross over the bridges, run along the river. At night, don’t miss the Brazilian salsa clubs and wine bars.

It’s the ideal college town, with three universities feeding into its 100,000 + student-vibe, the demand for affordable cuisine has taken the front seat.  Like any other big city, if you eat around the main square, Place du Capitol, you’ll spend 10-20 euros on a mediocre entree, but if you head down the back streets in search of tiny crepe cafes, you won’t be disappointed…

During our three night stay in Toulouse, we found the best crepes at Le Sherpa, a tea and creperie three minutes walk from Place du Capitole (46 Rue du Taur). The chef packed ingredients (and I mean, packed!) into the crepe, perfectly wrapped into thick squares.

For the main course, we had a selection of salty crepes (with egg, ham, cheese, vegetables) and for dessert, Le Sherpa had an entire page in the menu listing every possible fruit, chocolate, sugar combination. My main crepe had one egg, a little ham, and chives melted into the thin pancake batter with a mild french cheese. With every bite, knotty, ropey strings of cheese stretched around the crepe making it the perfect blend of flavors. Even though one crepe was plenty of food for a meal, we had to get dessert. After much serious debate, we ordered banana/chocolate and chocolate/raspberry/ banana…

We went to Le Sherpa around 6:45pm and it wasn’t crowded, but by the time we left at 8pm every table was packed. The menu is cheap (starting from 3 euros) and simple, but the crepes were authentic-French cuisine, the service was adequate, and the flavors– c’est bon!

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