Funny Quotes on Broadway: Starbucks Boy

People are weird. People say weird things. And I find when I ditch my ear buds and stroll down Broadway, I hear a handful winning remarks, 100% of the time, every time.

Guy talking about scoring free ’54 cent’ refills from Starbucks: “Oh, there are totally ways to drink free Starbucks for life. If you bring in your cup you’re supposed to be able to get 54 cent refills, which no one knows about. But, the cups are plastic so you can rinse them out in your sink, or if your lucky enough to be waited on by someone nice at Starbucks, you can just ask for like 10 cups and keep them in your car so you can use a fresh one every day. I’ve even gone in a Starbucks, asked for a cup of water, walked across the street to another Starbucks, poured the water out, and gotten a free coffee refill.”

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