Meet my Producer, Stephen Bailey

Stephen Bailey and I ended up working on together partly by accident and partly out of my sheer good luck. We got connected through one of my editors at Lost Girls World earlier in the summer and met up for a quick drink. Between running his own site, running the website full time at Men’s Fitness magazine, and freelancing on the side (not to mention staying fresh in the Hoboken music community) Stephen definitely didn’t have time to help me. But he did anyways.

After the first time we met, I sent him an email asking for web advice since I was interested in redoing my website, and didn’t know a thing about code. I asked him if he could recommend anyone in the web industry who’d be willing to work with me, a lowly college kid with zero experience in code, and a lot of content that needed migrating.

Immediately he jumped on the opportunity, despite his busy schedule working seven days a week. He took me under his wing. Between our late night Cosi coffee sessions sitting hunched over our laptops or our string of email conversations, to huddling at happy hours and talking business for hours, Stephen was always generous with his time and expertise—and more than happy to explain and teach me along the way.

From what I’ve seen of his passion for working with people, his own generosity of helping me, and from his delight in finding new talent (musical or otherwise) to enjoy, Stephen stays true to his brand. He promotes the swap of new ideas and imparts fresh intakes with vigor and vitality. His own website covers a variety of topics, from music to politics, and his witty, concise voice conveys his sharp intuition and open-understanding.

He is a great mentor in the industry and it’s hard to believe we only met a few months ago. He has a way of talking to you so you feel like you’ve known him for years, and unlike several designers I’ve worked with before, his acute knack for listening and translating your desires into code is unmatchable.

Contact Stephen if you need help building a site, I promise you won’t regret it.

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