Snow or Sand: Personalizing Your Travel

Snow or Sand is unlike any other travel company I’ve ever worked with. I first met Tyler and Nick Kurlas—two of Snow or Sand’s main trip experts in Florence, Italy summer 2009 when I needed travel advice. I knew I’d probably be traveling alone, and I wanted to go to Greece and Spain, but beyond that, I had no clue. We had a meeting a café in the city center and they listened to my trip goals and concerns. We talked about traveling alone, safety, partying on the road, how to meet friends, what to expect…They answered all of my questions thoroughly, and walked me through an example itinerary. Within two days, they helped me custom build my own itinerary and a few weeks later I took off on my own.

I did adjust my itinerary on the road, but it gave me a solid jumping off point for a solo trip—Snow or Sand had the resources and the extensive travel experience through Greece and Spain to help me figure out what I wanted to do.

Since then, they’ve built Snow or Sand to a wider ranging company. With destination trips all over Europe and North Africa,  they custom build trips for whole groups of people. The best part, and the beauty of Snow or Sand, is its wide network of local experts at each of their destinations. These experts know the ins and outs of the land, and bring you a personalized travel experience that you simply couldn’t get if you traveled alone.

Read more about my Greece and Spain trip here and here.

Snow or Sand’s Vision:

If you’ve ever visited friends in an unfamiliar city, you know exactly what makes it an amazing travel experience. Instead of simply seeing top tourist sites, you get a taste of the true culture, a behind-the-scenes look into the people and destination. And of course, this experience is delivered in an exciting, hospitable and personal way.

SnoworSand was created to bring this kind of travel experience to students and young professionals everywhere. With a focus on people and experiences rather than airfare and hotel reservations, our goal is to offer our guests a friend in every major city in the world.”

Why You Should Book With Them:

You don’t lose the independence of travel, and you certainly won’t feel carted around like a tourist group. Plus, Snow or Sand’s travel experts aren’t stuffy travel agents who give you mediocre price quotes and process credit card payments. They are the kind of people  you sit down for a beer with, talk about travel with, and who do so much traveling of their own that they truly understand and appreciate where you’re coming from. Wherever you are, check out their special trips. Snow or Sand is the perfect company to book a spring break with, and the more friends you gather, the merrier. You’ll get your money’s worth in both service and travel, and you’ll no doubt add your experience to your list of unbeatable life-experiences.

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