Pat’s, Philadelphia is Worth It: Best Philly Cheesesteak

As a Philly outsider and a cheesesteak virgin, I trooped off the bus in PA with one thing in mind: cheesesteaks. My first bite into a drippy, gooey cheesesteak was in a word–spectacular. Food isn’t normally awesome, in a ‘struck by awe’ sense. But cheesesteaks from Pat’s are awesome. Eating the cheesesteak (with cheese wiz and onions) was worth all 400,000 calories and the dribbling mess of melted cheese it drooled on my black jeans. According to a friendly couple near the bus station, a mark of a good cheesesteak is if (and how much) the mashed beef drops out the other end. My cheesesteak practically jumped out of the bun on the other side. A+ to Pat’s.

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