Snow in Rome: You’re really Roman if you’ve seen it

Never in recorded history has it snowed in Rome before Christmas–until today. This afternoon, while we shopped on Via del Corso by Piazza del Popolo, we were in an H&M when several shop attendants ran out of the store yelling in Italian and pointing at the sky. You’d think the apocalypse had come. But instead, a few flurries caught their attention. Some grabbed cameras and dashed outside while others ducked inside, as if the snow were ash instead. So, bemused (a Minnesota native used to an average snowfall of several feet) I grabbed my camera and took pictures of the Italians. My deduction: Italians can’t deal with snow. But, understandably so. The Mediterranean climate isn’t snow material and they’re not equipped to deal with flurries, much less the inch Rome got today. They say you’re not a real Roman until you’ve seen it snow here, because it snows so infrequently, it’s a rarity. Last winter it snowed only once on February 12, 2010 but typically temperatures stay near 40 degrees Fahrenheit and rarely drop to 30. And now, by either sheer luck or fate, I’m officially a Roman. Viva Italia.

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