Travel Resources: Websites that Publish Freelance Travel Writing

freelance travel writingAmanda Pressner, Executive Editor at Lost Girls World and I spoke this weekend at the Adventure Travel Expo in Chicago. Beyond our spiel about ditching your cubicle to travel, we received several questions about how to become a travel writer. So, we compiled a list of resources for beginning travel writers. All of these websites are a great place to start for freelance travel writing if you’re looking to break into the business, get published and make a little money on stories from your trips:

Websites That Pay Travel Freelancers

Jaunted; ($10 post; $15 video posts)

Hotel Chatter ($10 post; $15 video posts)

Lost Girls World ($12 per Travel Guide)

Oyster Locals ($25 per post)

Gadling,; $25 per post

New York Times, “In Transit”; $50 per post

AOL Travel; ($250  – $400 for 750 words)

Slate;; $.50 per word; $.75 per word

Fashionable Bride;; $1 per word

MSN;; $1 per word

Travel and Leisure;; $1,000 per slide show

AARP;; $1.70 per word

Travel sites that accept submissions (no payment but good experience)

Nat Geo Intelligent Travel

Pink Pangea

For more visit

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