Can I Do Rome, Florence, and Venice in 6 days?


Question: I have limited time to travel through Italy. Can I see Rome, Florence, and Venice in 6 days?

Answer: Definitely. If you’re down to move quickly.

Here’s how I planned a trip when I wanted to see Northern Italy in a short amount of time.

Visiting Rome, Venice and Florence in 6 days is possible, if you’re okay with travel, and scraping the surface of each city. Fly into Rome and explore Vatican City (the Vatican Museums are free on the last Sunday of every month so plan accordingly to save $$ and totally worth it), see the Trevi Fountain (especially at night), eat by the Spanish steps, go to the Colosseum and the Forum. At night do a pub crawl (my favorite is the Colosseum Pub Crawl: For 20 euro, you get a t-shirt and it’s open bar for the 1st bar.) It’s a great way to see a bunch of the city night clubs and people working the pub crawl will make sure you are safe. It’s also a great way to meet other young travelers. At all the major tourist sites promoters will give you pub crawl leaflets telling you when and where to meet but I suggest doing the Colosseum Pub Crawl. As for Jolly (he knows me, I got him lots of business with Syracuse) and tell him Patty sent you. He will probably give you a deal and make sure you are hooked up at every bar.

From Rome, get a train ticket to Florence, stay at the PLUS Youth Hostel (close to Santa Maria Novella, the Florence train station) for as little as 20 eur0 a night. Explore Florence. Catch a train from SM Novella to Venice, last, where you can see a glass blowing exhibition, visit San Marco and walk the bridged islands. I would spend the majority of your time between Rome and Florence since they’re both only an hour and a half away from each other. Venice is super touristy during high season, even more so than Florence or Rome, so one night will probably be enough. Take a direct train back to Roma to catch your flight out.

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