Top 5 ATV Trails in Oregon

True ATV lovers consider Oregon to be North America’s ATV Mecca, with miles of double and single track trail through rolling hills, sand dunes, pine forests, mountains, and dry riverbeds. Take a course and score your Oregon ATV license so you can zip through the scenery’s challenges, by yourself. But the trick is deciding where to start. Here’s the top five for ATV trails in Oregon—choose any one of these, and you’ll be riding the best.

1. Oregon Dunes

The Oregon Dunes are a 40-mile recreational area along the coast of Oregon. The dunes are one of the most popular ATV areas in the state. People come from all over to visit it, and it is usually among the first stops for any new local rider once they’ve earned their Oregon ATV license. A big part of what makes this area so great is the diversity of the terrain.

2. Christmas Valley Sand Dunes
The dunes at Christmas Valley are considerably different than on the coast. This area is particularly popular because it’s open year round, and thus an excellent option during the wintertime. Most come here for the wide-open spaces, but there are many excellent trails in the area as well.

3. Blue Ridge Trails
Located east of Coos Bay, the Blue Ridge trails offer one of the most scenic ATV spots in all of Oregon. In addition, there are approximately ten miles of single-lane tracks, and each trail is marked, rated and well maintained. Every ATV fan should visit this amazing trail network at least once in their lives.

4. Winom Frazier

Located in the Blue Mountains, Winom Frazier is a huge trail network. The trails range from beginner to expert, and the area has amazing scenery. One reason that Winom Frazier is so popular is that many of its trails span multiple forests and districts, which makes it a great choice for long ATV treks.

5. Upper Nestucca

Of all the ATV areas in Oregon, Upper Nestucca offers the most diversity. It is a particularly popular choice among experienced riders because of the sheer selection of intermediate and expert-level trails. The trails range from extremely flat and fast to steep and craggy. If you want a challenge, you’ll find that here, and if you just want to let it rip, you can find that here too.


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