3 Items You Can’t Travel Without

By Catherine Lavinia

Yes, the weather’s getting warmer so it’s the perfect time to plan a spring getaway. But before you go, instead of frantically shopping for travel items last minute, be prepared and gather what you can’t live without on vacation. You’ll save time, energy, and lots of stress, in advance. Here are the top 3 things to remember to bring with you.

1. Camera
No holiday is complete without a camera to capture those memorable moments. Digital SLR cameras used to be the mainstay of professional photographers, but more recently they have begun to move towards the consumer market, with devices becoming much smaller, easier to use and more affordable. Compact SLRs have a large light sensor that enables them to capture outstanding photos in all types of conditions, from brilliant bright sunshine to rain.

2. Proper Suitcase
Buying a good-quality case or holdall is also key to a stress-free trip abroad. Eliminating wonky wheels and broken zips will ensure that getting to and from your destination goes smoothly. Choose a case with a carrying capacity of at least 80 litres and you should have ample space for all your belongings. Most designs incorporate expandable sections, so you can enlarge or decrease the size to suit the nature of your trip. Alternatively, a bag that’s compact enough to carry onto the plane will decrease the time you spend waiting for luggage in the airport — perfect for weekend trips.

3. The Right Shoes
Always ensure you take a selection of footwear to cover all the bases: pavement walking, natural terrain and more formal occasions like eating out. Check the weather at your destination before you arrive and pack accordingly. Having the right shoes for wet, cold, or hot weather can make or break your trip.

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