4 Ways to Pack Light for Your Cruise

By Catherine Lavinia

The last thing you need on a tropical cruise is a lot of stuff with you. Packing lightly will save you the headache of hauling  luggage you don’t need. Research your trip so you know what temps to expect, and if you need any special clothes for dining on the boat, or gear for shore excursions. That way you won’t overpack.

Whether you’ve chosen a cruise with Royal Caribbean or ondeck with P&O Ventura, the top tips for effective packing remain the same. Don’t overburden yourself – space is always limited on board. Here’s how to pack light:

Take a Carry-On
The smaller size will force you to pack less clothing, and if you’re flying to the departure port you won’t risk losing your luggage before you board. If you have to bring a larger piece, pack a change of clothes and your essential toiletries in a carry on.

Mix and Match
If you are happy to wear the same items more than once (and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t), take outfits that can be mixed up for a little variation. Accessorise with jewellery and shawls to finish the look and take some detergent if you need to rinse things through.

Research the Dress Code
This will help you avoid packing clothes you’re not going to wear. If the cruise accepts informal dress, you really don’t need that tux or glamorous evening dress.

Roll and Tuck
Use up extra space in your suitcase by rolling your socks and undergarments and tucking them into gaps between larger pieces.

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