3 Ways to Gamble Smart When You Travel

gambling on vacationIf you love to gamble but worry about going in the red when you’re on the road, you’re not alone. It’s easy to throw caution to the wind and drop a serious dime (ehem, Vegas) when you’re out of your comfort zone and having fun. To avoid breaking the bank, keep in mind these few simple tips to spend wisely and get out in the green.

1. Set your Gambling Limit and Bring Only that much Cash

To avoid the ATM temptation when the hour gets late, leave debit cards in your hotel room and carry only the amount you’re willing to lose—in cash. That way you won’t be swayed to spend more money. Playing low-hand blackjack tables or slot machines is a great way to stretch out your casino budget—and the experience—if you’re not a serious gambler.

2. Put Away Your Original Investment

As you play, stack your original casino budget in chips separately from your winnings.  Once you’re up from, if play with your winnings only, you will still break even at the end of the night. Regardless of how your hands play out.

football betting at William Hill3. Keep your sanity and go easy on the free drinks

Most casinos have bottomless, free beverages to keep you at the tables spending money. Just remember, indulging is fine but beware of the trap that impairs your judgement and leads you to make unsound decisions. Match it with water, and you’ll feel more confident to walk away when the night is over.