5 Best Places to Plan Your Next Spring Break

Spring break.  Ah, those two lovely little words stir up an exciting pounding in my heart. Not kidding. March seems like a long way off, but with Halloween right around the corner, the holiday season after that, and the dead-of-winter (post-New Year’s) after that… well, spring break will come faster than you think. It’s still a little early to book tickets, but the possibilities for fun in the sun with your closest friends (and thousands of other people) are endless. After a little research, here’s my top 5 list to get your plans started:

1. Yacht Week, British Virgin Islands

Okay first watch this…

Then tell me you’re not sold. Yeah, thought so.  The Yacht Week has been running annually since 2006. You basically get a group of your friends together (up to eight people) and rent a yacht–no sailing experience necessary because the coordinators allocate you a skipper. Enjoy a week of sailing, island stops, regattas, pool parties and live concerts with various bands and DJs for just $588 (the cheapest boat) plus flight. Check out more Yacht Week details here.

2. Cancun Spring Break Hotel Strip, Mexico

Cancun is an awesome spring break location. A peninsula of high-to-low price range hotels make staying there for a week affordable to most budgets. You can rent hotel rooms for several of your friends, and if you’re looking to lay on a beach all day, party all night, this might be the best place for you. Cancun itself doesn’t offer that much to do, so it’s really the ultimate relaxation place. Student City offers party packages that include club covers (upwards of $30-60 a night) and line-skipping entry privileges if you book with them ahead of time.

3. Greek Island Hopping, Greece

The Greek Island are one of my favorite places to visit in the world. March is considered low tourist season in Europe so ferry tickets, hotel and hostel rates, and even food is all extremely affordable. March is a popular month for European students to fly down as well, so for the more adventurous spring breakers looking to mix up the crowd, look into island hopping. Most college spring breaks last a week, so I’d recommend picking two islands (Ios and Corfu are the best party islands). You can fly directly and cheaply to many of the islands on a small charter plane if you don’t want to take a ferry from Athens. If you stay at Corfu, book a room at The Pink Palace. This widely reputed party palace is a European favorite–you’ll feel like a backpacker in no time. If you choose Ios, stay at Far-Out Camping. I stayed here and it was one of the best/cheapest places with an outdoor pool, a huge restaurant, and wide ranging beach access for water-sport enthusiasts like myself.

4. Florida Keys, Florida

For college students who want a domestic spring break, or who can’t afford an international flight, the Keys Island chain (and Key West in particular) is a perfect spring break location. The town is small enough to navigate easily. If you party in downtown Key West, here are five bars you can’t miss. There are plenty of resorts and hotels to chose from. And as the waverunning/ jet-skiing capital of America, you’ll find tons of cheap deals on scuba diving, snorkeling, and jet-ski tours for daytime fun. The water around the Keys Islands is turquoise and light because it sits on six miles of a shallow shelf before it cuts down to the coral reef…definitely some of my favorite water in America. Spring Break Direct runs cheap deals and all inclusive spring break deals to the Keys.


vailvailvail5. Vail, CO

Not into surf and sun? Skip it, and head to Vail Resorts and Vail Mountain up I-70 in Colorado for a weekend in the snow. Vail Mountain has miles of world-class slopes, options for beginner-advanced skiers, and certified instructors to take you down if you’re a newbie. You can ride Beaver Creek, which is just minutes from Vail, and Keystone and Breckenridge are both within a half hour drive. Plus, the apres ski nightlife is to die for. Dine out at Vail’s smattering of restaurants (my favorite: Vendetta, Italian pizza priced mid-range and with a fun, younger crowd.)